GIYKIMBIL/KBS Guest Registration

Updated April 2019

For 2019 holiday rental guest registration will done online via the government website which can accessed any time with any device online. Guest details are only input once on the day of arrival and owners/managers only need to check them out on the day of departure. 

Foreign owners are currently not able to do this login for themselves and will need their management or maintenance companies to open ID file for them using their old KBS user code/tesis kodu from 2018. 

Overall its a great improvement on the old system. It is possible to load guest details in advance of arrival and to download historical reports per property. 

09th April 2018

For 2018 the KBS guest registration system remains pretty much the same as in 2017. They have not done anything to enhance it or make it more user friendly. It still only works on computers running windows. No phone apps or mac versions are currently available.

There are however two points to note for 2018:

First: If you were operating the system last year from your computer you will need to update the system files for this summer.

The new version KBS software can be downloaded on line at:

Select “Kimlik Bildirim Sistemi (KBS)” from the bottom left of the screen

Select “Kurulum Dosyalari” on the top right of the screen

Download the 4 files from the green arrow links titled “Indir” and execute them.

[If you were running this software last year you need to download these 4 new files and execute these for the latest updated version. As you do so it should ask if you want to repair or remove the older version. Select remove.]

Do a computer restart and make sure you are online.

Second: If your management company recorded your guests last year under their user code that will have to change. You must get your own user code for this summer due to the taxation changes. More details on how to get your own code are on our web page

Business Tax On Turkish Property Rental Income 2018

Finally if you are planning on doing your own guest logging you may find our user guide for 2017 of use. It is still available online here at:

Using The KBS System: User Guide (English)

31st October 2017

Deregistering for the winter simply requires a letter delivered to the Kas Jandarma. This should include your Tesis Kodu (user number), your signature and printed name beneath. Just copy the text below.  If you are have been using an agency to register your guests under their agency code then you do not need to do this. You will be required however to have your own user code for summer 2018.




Your Name

Date …./10/2017

17th May 2017

A summary of foreign owners’ options for registering paying guests with the KBS guest registration system.

If you own a Kalkan property and are commercially letting then what are your options to manage the new guest registration process. Essentially there are two:

  1. Ask you property management company to register your guests on your behalf under their user name and login.
  2. Apply for your own user name and login for the KBS system at Kas Jandarma and then either use it to log guests yourself, or pass these details to your management company so they can use them.

Not all management companies may be able to get their own user name/code as there is a requirement to have an estate agency license. In this case option 2 will apply or you will need to find another company in Kalkan who can handle that for you.

What if you are not here in Kalkan before your first guests arrive, or don’t have time to come over sort things?

Well  if you can arrange a short visit to Kalkan you can give your management agent power of attorney at the Notary in Kas to apply for the user code on your behalf. If you can’t get here at all then you can arrange POA to same effect from the UK.

9th May 2017

For those owners who want to give logging their guests themselves a try, we have written a guide to inputting into the system with screen shots. You can download the PDF here free of charge and without giving your personal details.

If you download the KBS program and log in to the system for the first time while in Turkey and take that device back home, then you can manage a daily login outside of Turkey.

Using The KBS System: User Guide (English)

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6th May 2017

GIYKIMBIL More useful news for foreign owners.

Today we learned this from our own testing of the KBS/GIYKIMBIL registration system.

You can’t use it outside of Turkey? Not true.

Provided you download the program file at

OR from the page
and then select the brown link (.NET).3.5.2

and log in to the system whilst in Turkey, you can then take your laptop anywhere you want (including abroad) to continue using the system. The requirement for the Turkish IP is only to download the program and the first login. This effectively means that foreign owners who apply for their own KBS password can manage their guest filing back in their home country. This has been confirmed by one homeowner who is able to register now back in the UK as well as the Jandarma.

You have to input your guest details every day? Not true.

Once you have filed your guests on arrival, you do not need to input their details again each day. You can simply put their departure date into the form field. Then each day, just login and reconfirm the guest list. It’s a 30 second job if the list remains the same.

You can’t correct input errors: Not true.

If you make an error you can go back into the system to edit the guest record and resubmit the data. We don’t know how long you can go back in for, perhaps a day, perhaps until the end of the guest’s stay. Correcting an error is easy.

The system wants extra details we don’t know?

The system wants all the details on the guests passport AND the guests address in their home country. Hopefully you should have that on the rental booking form.

Finally you can save all your records you submit each day as an excel or pdf file on your device. The system also accepts upload by similar Excel format but we have not got into that. We suspect that may be very helpful for agents who are managing large numbers of daily records.

4th May 2017

GIYKIMBIL System Update

After some weeks of ongoing debate it would seem there is now a realistic solution for foreign property owner owners to register their rental guests on the Giykimbil system.

Kas Jandarma (not police) is issuing username/passwords for the Giykimbil system to owners who apply to them in person with a copy of their title deeds, passport and Turkish tax number. That’s it. Nothing more is asked for.

Once you have these login details you can employ and one of several Kalkan companies to offering a logging service to upload your guest details daily. They will do this using your username/password information specific to your property.

On the 1st November you may apply in person at the Jandarma to go offline over the winter period. Similarly at the start of the next summer season you will have to visit again to go back online and start registering again.

Unless you plan such regular and timely visits to Kalkan we would recommend that you give power of attorney  (POA) to the person you will appoint to do the uploading for you. This POA can cover applying for the password details in your absence and getting offline and then back online over the winter period.

If you are coming to Kalkan we recommend you give POA at the Kas Notary public to the person you are employing to do the job. If you can’t come to Kas then arrange the POA from the UK either via the Turkish Consulate or specialised lawyer.

One final note. If you go offline over the winter period from the system  but as the owner come and visit your property you can register this once off type visit by taking your passport photocopy to the Jandarma on arrival.

April 2017

IMPORTANT: All Property Owners With Turkish Holiday (Short Term) Rental Property Are Required to Register Guest Passport Details In The GIYKIMBIL Database.

Following the terror attack in Istanbul at New Year, the Law 1774 regarding the registration of guests staying at hotels, B&B’s and holiday property, has been further enforced by the Turkish government. As of now all holiday property owners (both Turkish and foreign) are required to register the passport details of all guests staying at their property into the GIYKIMBIL database. Failure to do so comes with some heavy fines (10,383 TL for failure to register and 700 TL/day for not reporting occupancy) and the risk of criminal prosecution should your guests break the law whilst residing at your property.

There have been discussions on the Kalkan forums about this subject and how to go about getting your registration and password to use the GIYKIMBIL system as well as the tax implications. Understandably foreigner owners are concerned about the “reported” need to form a Turkish company, in order to get a pension licence, which is a requirement of getting the password and entry to the GIYBIMBIL system.

In our opinion the route to form a company in order to comply with this new legislation, may not be the best way forward, and comes with several considerable risks/costs that no one is reporting. These risks are:

  • In appointing a manager for the company (one of the legal requirements of forming a Turkish company) the manager has many rights as to what they can do with your company. They could rent out your property or sell it without your knowledge, put a debt on the company/property and will have rights of access to rental income in the company bank account. An appointed manager can not be someone who  you do not know and explicitly trust.
  • Rental income will get paid into the company Turkish bank account. If you then wish to withdraw funds from the account back to the UK you will get levied a further 35% Turkish income tax on top of the company profit taxes you will have already paid.
  • Once formed, a Turkish company requires a minimum of two years of formalities to dissolve and is not so easy.

At this time therefore we would advise our clients to wait a little longer before taking any action.

For our Black Lion and Kalkan Holiday Rental clients we would urge you to contact us if you have rental bookings for this season. If you are headed to Kalkan in April or May we suggest you arrange an appointment with us to discuss your options, either at our Black Lion Old Town Office or our new Kalkan Holidays Property Rental/Management Office on the Kalamar Road.