Kalkan Property Management & Maintenance

Black Lion is able to offer assistance in helping you find the right property maintenance/management service for your property needs. The right service for you will depend on whether you are planning to:

  • Live permanently in your property all year round.
  • Use it just for your personal family holidays
  • Commercially rent it out for holiday lets.

We offer our own in house Property Management and Maintenance Service which operates from our Kalkan Holidays office on the Kalamar Road. If you are interested in a villa management quote please get in touch with details of your property and when you are looking for a service to start.

Whether you use our villa management service or another company you should expect as a minimum the following services:

Villa Management Service:

  • Daily pool cleaning and garden maintenance in summer
  • Regular checking and airing of the property all year
  • Organization of DASK buildings insurance
  • Organization of private buildings/contents insurance and public liability insurance if applicable
  • Payment of utility bills e.g. water, electric, etc. if required although these can now be paid via automatic payments on your Kalkan account.
  • Organization of cleaning and laundry
  • Emergency call out service
  • Quarterly account statements

Individual Apartment Management:

Some apartment owners may also need an individual service in addition to their communal service arrangements. Individual apartment management services will be the same as that for villas with the exception of  “daily pool cleaning and garden maintenance in summer.”

Local market costs for such a service vary from £450-£600/year with cleaning and laundry to be charged extra according to usage. Even apartment owners who do not let their property will find that a basic maintenance service is valuable especially for over winter checks.

At this time we do not provide an in house apartment management service.