Here are some comments from our recent clients.

We advertised our property with many estate agents, both in Kalkan and Fethiye.  From the outset Blacklion stood out from the rest with their professional approach and unique knowledge of the Kalkan property market.  They informed of us of how they would market our property, the cost, the potential buyers and an honest appraisal of what the property was worth.  This alone set them above the others in the property business.

We went home to the UK and waited for news of interested buyers.  The only agency to keep us informed of their efforts to sell our property was Blacklion.

When we had an offer for the property, Blacklion advised us throughout the process.  Their professionalism and willingness to assist was a great help, when we were back in the UK.

The efficiency and timing of finalising the sale was remarkable.  Blacklion did everything, right down to sorting out the smallest detail.  Nothing was left to chance.  The signing over took half an hour, quite a feat in Turkey.
We would strongly recommend Blacklion to anyone buying property in Turkey.

Neil & Georgina Corbett

Dear Bridget. Just a quick note to say thank you and how much we appreciated your help and advice in buying our flat in Kalkan. You were exceeding helpful in both finding properties that fitted our requirements and helping us through the legal process with useful advice. In addition you made it very easy to conduct most of the sale process from the UK by constantly updating us. Needless to say we are delighted with our purchase and would have no qualms about recommending you.  Have a good summer,

Ann Frith

I first seriously started looking for a property in Kalkan in the March of 2009 from the UK on the internet.

I found Black Lion to be the most professional web-site out of all those I researched and one that was regularly updated. I developed quite a long list of potential properties and regularly, and most probably annoyingly, would question Bridget Karaaslan on the specifics of my choices.

As the time got nearer to my visit in June of that year one of my favourites, a new-build, was put on “special offer”. After frantic and furious e-mails with Bridget, going into miniscule details in regard of the property, I decided to reserve my Apartment on-line as, by this time, I was convinced this was the property I had been searching for.

Bridget provided me with detailed plans of the development which were very comprehensive and even sent me a photo-montage of where I had stayed previously and the relationship of the Apartment to that and the new school, so that I had a very good idea of the Apartments location. She also went into great detail about the buying process and the intricacies of a purchase with my Civil Partner.

Bridget established with the developer if he was willing to take an “offer” on-line, which he was, so I paid my initial deposit in May prior to my planned visit in June. The Apartment had been reserved, which was just as well as someone else tried to reserve my choice the day after my deposit arrived in Turkey.

My partner and I had arranged to meet Bridget on the first day of our holiday for an inspection visit to the Apartment. I was not interested in viewing anywhere else! On going to the Black Lion office we met Bridget’s partner and husband, Sakir. They work together as a great team and are obviously very well known locally.

On visiting the Apartment when going through the front door we both went “wow”! The views were stunning and the space and quality of the build far outdid our expectations. We paid our second deposit at the Solicitor’s the following day.

Bridget and Sakir continued to give us their devoted attention until the property was finally ours and still are always happy to see us and offer any advice we may seek on being a property owner in Turkey.

I do not regret taking the approach I did by reserving on-line. My neighbours were much more cautious and viewed lots of developments before finally making their choice.

I think this goes to prove that it is the professionalism and friendliness of the Black Lion Estate Agents that gave me the confidence to take the approach I did.

Stuart C Thomas

Purchasing a villa in Kalkan, Turkey this year was my very first experience of buying overseas. Buying a property is a stressful process at the best of times, but doing so in another country with legal, cultural, and language differences one would expect to be especially so. However, I need not have worried thanks to the service given by Black Lion which alleviated those worries. Indeed, my experience was a very positive one.

I had already carried out some initial research on the internet and the Black Lion web site was the one I came back to again and again. It is clear, kept up to date, It also contains downloadable material with excellent advice and recommendations on the purchase process. In short the web site gave me a good idea of available properties, but also of the legal process and costs involved before my visit to view properties.

On my initial visit last October I spent a week looking at properties through a number of the local estate agents. This not only allowed me to see the properties but also gave me an idea of which agent I would like to work with. Black Lions compared very favourably indeed. Nothing was too much trouble and I was driven to a range of different properties on my short list. Bridget Karaaslan demonstrated a really good knowledge of the places I viewed and was able to answer all the questions I could think of and more. She also had extensive knowledge of the local property market. This level of service was not always noticeable with other estate agents.

The company was excellent in communicating between myself and the vendor, and even arranged for me to meet them on an informal basis which I found to be very helpful. I was able to view the property on a number of occasions and an offer was made which was accepted. I was then guided me through the legal requirements of the purchase, they acted as translators, and generally set the whole process in train. I am pleased to say there were no problems other than very minor ones which were quickly resolved by the estate agent, and the purchase went ahead smoothly.

My next visit was to complete the purchase and again the level of service provided was of the highest order. Everything was set up to proceed and this went through smoothly with the estate agent going way beyond the call of duty to ensure this.

I have nothing but admiration in the way Sakir and Bridget Karaaslan manage and operate Two Black Lions. By the end of the purchase they felt like friends. I think that is my highest accolade and I would not hesitate in recommending the company to others thinking of buying a property.

Dr Philip Swan. FRSA. FRSH

We bought an apartment in Kalkan and are very glad with that. Bridget and her company Black Lion, helped us with that in a very professional way. Everything went smooth. She knows the market and showed us exactly what we needed. We were in Holland and could be sure that the paperwork was done in Turkey in a good way. We thank you and your company for that.

Herman Bode and Roxana Flores Peres

We recently completed the purchase of a villa which Black Lion developed in Kalkan and dealt directly with Bridget and Sakir Karaaslan.

From our initial enquiry through to completion they led and guided us through the process at every stage with clear concise and unbiased information always given in a professional but friendly manner.

We feel lucky to have chosen them to find a villa for us in a potentially daunting environment when dealing with an unknown purchase and legal system in a different country.

They continue to help us run the villa and with our furniture purchases etc. and we would  have no hesitation in recommending them to those wishing to purchase a property in Turkey.

Bruce and Clare Porter

My husband and I bought our villa through Black Lion Estate Agents on a trip to Kalkan in October 2010.  The service offered by Bridget and Sakir was excellent throughout.  We were shown a wide range of properties within our budget and were given comprehensive advice on the purchasing process, making the whole experience very straightforward.  Bridget and Sakir are a formidable team – Sakir, being Turkish, was able to negotiate with the vendor and other Turkish contacts on our behalf and it was a big advantage being able to communicate with Bridget in English.  Purchasing a property overseas is a huge undertaking but Bridget and Sakir made us feel confident about buying the villa and helped make it an adventure.  We are delighted that we bought the property and are grateful to Black Lion for the support and help they gave and continue to give us.  We would not hesitate to recommend them to other potential buyers.

Katherine Fort and David Renton Rose

We bought and sold an apartment through Blacklions and found them to  be utterly professional in all aspects. As the buying and selling experience in Turkey can be  complex and drawn out, Blacklions spelt out the process up front so we were aware of this at the outset. Administration was then  dealt with promptly at each stage of the process. For anyone buying a property for the first time, i would have no hesitation in recommending Blacklions…

Michael and Donna Pollak
Buyers 2005 and Sellers

On only our second visit to Kalkan we decided that we would end our search for an overseas property there.

We had spent the previous two years looking at properties in Spain, Italy and Bulgaria and of course that search put in contact with various property agents in each country.

In Kalkan too we had discussions with a number of agents but it was The Black Lion Agency that stood out for us from our very first meeting we formed the opinion they would be the ones to guide us through the daunting prospect of actually buying a property outside of the UK.

We found our apartment in September 2009 and started what was for us a totally alien process of buying a property in Turkey. Fortunately, our earlier impression of the Black Lion Company proved correct, they spent time with us answering our many questions along the way and at every stage until and after we completed the purchase in May 2010.

I can honestly say that Bridget and her husband were very supportive and understanding and I would have no hesittaion in purchasing another property through them if the opportunity ever arose but in the meantime would certainly recommend them to anybody thinking of purchasing a property in Kalkan.

Deb and Phil Hayden

We are writing to thank you for the good service that we have received from you when buying our apartment from yourselves.

The web site proved to be very helpful as an initial guide and was a reference point as the buying process was under way. It is clear and easy to negotiate around and is written clearly for the novice purchaser.

Any time we had contact with you via e-mail, we found you to be helpful and guided us through the buying process.

We felt that we were always kept well informed and that you had our best interests in mind at all times.

Thank you for your excellent service; we would have no hesitation about using your services in the future.

Alan and Julia White

In 2009 we were seeking to buy a property in Kalkan in Turkey. We already owned a property in Oludeniz and had a little knowledge of what selling and buying a property in Turkey involved. We contacted Blacklion by email link having perused their excellent and helpful website. We were particularly interested in one development and asked for more details.

As we were in Turkey on a brief holiday at our Oludeniz villa we made arrangements to meet with Bridget and Shakir from Blacklion and explained our circumstances to them. Bridget was exceptionally helpful and, importantly, informative. She was very quick to recognise what our needs were and spent a whole day with us showing properties that were within our price range but also that she assumed would meet our needs. She got it absolutely right because each of the properties we viewed would have been very suitable.

Her professional manner was evident from the first moment she met with us. She was calm, clear and very informative. It made it easy for us to ask any question, even the most mundane. We had our needs fully met and we were armed with all the information we needed to make the decision about our purchase.

Having chosen the place we wanted she then set about helping us to get our finances together. We needed a mortgage especially as our Oludeniz property had not at that stage been sold. She introduced us to a Turkish bank and helped us with the paperwork. Both Bridget and Shakir were exceptional offering professional support when needed but also giving us enough space to make decisions. In no way did they try to pressure us or seek to influence our decision making.

We met some barriers on the way but thanks to the support from Bridget and Shakir we feel the whole experience was not stressful even though we were buying a property from a builder who wanted to ‘shortcut’ procedures where possible.

All the signing of papers was completed smoothly because we were confident that we had Shakir acting for us. Our lawyer was someone who Blacklion introduced us to and they worked exceptionally well for us also.

The whole experience of buying a house through the Blacklion organisation has been excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending their services to friends in Britain. We now reside ‘part-time’ in a beautiful villa overlooking the bays of Kalkan and Kalamar and we have to be very grateful for the support and commitment of Bridget and Shakir in helping us to be where we are today.

Clive Davies OBE